Boating in Battersea Park

IMAG0818-MOTIONCost: £5 each

As we walked towards the Park my wife proudly said that she had been to Battersea Park she then started thinking of forfeits for me. I puffed my chest like a proud pidgin knowing for sure this was a winner, especially with The Activity having an alliterated B.

11.30 is to early for messing about on boats

I had stolen the idea from a friend who had loaded a basket with prosecco and strawberries and asked his date to meet him in the park. We arrived at 11.30 which was too early for prosecco to be consumed and for the boat house to be open. The website gives no opening times other than

“School holidays, public holidays and all weekends between Easter and the end of September.”

which I think can be categorised under “vague opening times” This did leave us time to walk round the park with an ice cream and contemplate if you had to have a dog to go jogging there, weather you needed a child to attend the petting zoo and if the Rustic Bridge was always considered rustic even when first built.

Boating In Battersea Park vintage postcard

It’s always been rustic… all right?!

Your next clicks

Other Bs

What is the most interesting/obscure B activity to do in London, let me know in the comments and I may do them in the second round of the A to Z.

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