Two Londoners challenge themselves to find an alphabet of new things to explore and enjoy in their city

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My wife and I have challenged ourselves to break the easy habit of weekends spent in the same bars and areas that we found in their first months in the city… but decided to make it slightly more hard on ourselves.

We have been coming to London on day trips since we were kids and have lived in central London for two years, so the standard tourist hot spots had already been covered… This is how the A to Z of London came into being.

The Aim:

To Do/See/Take Part in an Activity for each letter of the alphabet. Eg: A: Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

We should do these Activities in alphabetical order, taking turns. A is planned by player 1, B is planned by player two and so on.

The Rules:

  1.  The Activity must be a new place/experience for both challengers
  2. The Activity must be within Zone 6
  3. The Activity must be kept as a surprise until arrival

Any rule breaking will result in a forfeit by the other player.

London can be overwhelming with the massive variety of things to do, the A to Z premise gave a tight brief to follow and made the whole thing more challenging. Think of it as a metropolitan version of UK daytime TV show Pointless: the more obscure the Activity, the less likely the other challenger is to have seen it before.

To date we have worked from A all the way through to U, which is proving surprisingly hard any obscure London things – any tips for a good U would be greatly appreciated!

Having shared our adventures with friends, we wanted to spread the word further – there is a world of awesome, cheap, unique experiences in London, so there’s no excuse to sit at home watching X-Factor!

Grab your Oyster card and let’s go!

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