City Farm

Activity – FREE (donations accepted and encouraged by me)
Brunch – 10 Per head

City Farm

I must admit, I wanted to go to a city farm with or without the task of the a to z of London to complete. As I knew that Vic had F I would have to fit going to a City Farm with C.

We found ourselves in the east end of London, again I am asking Vic what he thinks C will stand for. The guessing stopped as we rounded the corner and see CITY FARM in large colorful letters across their fence. Entering, you have the slight smell of the country (read manure) that wafts over you which makes London melt away like it was 1000 miles away. Perfect if you have had a hard week and want to forget that you have a job/rent to pay/Boris Johnson for a Mayor

This place is small though, probably any actual farmer would call this their back yard not a “Farm”. However I am happy, there are chickens, pigs, sheep and they all look happy and well cared for.

The City farm does feel like a place that kids would love, this kid certainly did. I love animals and to have a such a variety a tube ride away (did I mention there were rabbits!) does make me happy especially as it would be cruel to keep an animal in our tiny flat.

The attached cafe was a real surprise, a very good quality English breakfast was served along side a great selection of baked goods, in an “East London rustic” (mismatched tables and chairs) environment. Although some might have found it odd to scoff down sausages and bacon after deciding pigs are the perfect pet Vic did not. He just pointed, because his mouth was full, at the menu which proudly stated all of the animal produce was free range. I was content with a tasty banana loaf which was probably also free range/organic/carbon neutral.

As we left we dropped some money into the collection box as we left as I would have defiantly paid some money to go in and seen the goats (did I mention there were goats!)

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